Whether you use a contractor Key Box or a Realtor Key Box, Studies have shown that homes with lockboxes sell
one third faster than homes without.


Supra iBoxElectronic Key Box $150,   

$40.00 Mailed
  Included: Traditional Listing and PLANS B & C
"Secure Access" Key Box
Similar KeyBox's available locally
Allows General Access to Property
Contractor Keybox
General Access




The iBox is Supra�s infrared KeyBox. Access is with Supra�s ActiveKEY or DisplayKEY, or a smartphone with infrared-capability or an eKEY fob. The iBox key container is large enough to hold at least three keys, yet is slender enough to fit behind screen or storm doors.

 Supra iBox When Accessed, an instant Email to Listing Agent and Seller

Controlled Realtor Access (Showing Instructions)

Real-Time Information

Supra provides the only KeyBox solution for Real Estate Associations and Multiple Listing Services that consistently provides instant showing information. Supra's ActiveKEYs and eKEYs transmit showing records immediately after buyer's agents obtain listing keys. Showing records include the identity of the keyholder, the time and date that the keys were accessed, and information about the specific KeyBox that was opened.
Instant showing information saves real estate professionals time and gives them the tools to be responsive to client needs. Supra's server receives this information and, depending on the seller's agent's preferences, sends a notification to a key or sends an email with the address of the property being shown, the time and date of the showing, the name of the buyer's agent, and that agent's contact information.

Seller's agents may also access this information using the Internet. By logging into Supra's secure web server, agents can obtain up-to-date reports about the buyer's agents who have shown a listing. Easily accessible, current information is an important advantage to agents. It enables them to effectively answer homeseller questions regarding showing activity, obtain feedback about the property from showing agents, and to notify interested agents of price changes or other events that occur during the sales cycle.

Supra�s electronic KeyBoxes are used on millions of listed homes. Real estate agents rely on Supra's KeyBoxes to efficiently market and show properties.

Key Box secures to Door, Railing etc.
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The intelligence is in the key. All of Supra keys include PIN code security. The keys record events each time a KeyBox is opened. The ActiveKEY has a cellular radio that sends and receives information about showings.

Licensed Agent Access (contact info emailed)

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Instant Information
Real Estate Associations and Multiple Listing Services choose Supra because ActiveKEYs and eKEYs can immediately transmit showing information when a buyer's agent accesses a property. This enables agents to provide current reports to homesellers and to market properties more effectively and also can inform seller that Key Box is being accessed and by whom.