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Licensee Conduct A principal broker and licensees acting on his behalf who represent a buyer shall have a written buyer agency agreement with the buyer defining the scope of the agency.

Without an Executed Buyer Broker Agreement the Buyer is simply a customer, not a client.

RETAINER AGREEMENT: Buyer hereby retains the Broker for the purchase, exchange and /or lease of real property located in the State of Utah.
(restrictions apply see below)
NOTE: You are in NO WAY obligated to use our Buyer Agent Services;
This is only offered as a way of saving on your Real Estate Transaction.
$Cash Back at Closing? $Time is Money$

(Based on a $200M property w/ 3% BAC)
Licensed Representation? Let us be your Agent
(see 50%credit below)
Buyer's Credit: Company shall credit to the Buyer the amount of: 50% of the Buyers Agent Commission (BAC) paid to the Company by the listing brokerage*.
(Credit subject to seller's written consent. 6.2.13*)
Credit AddendumCredit Addendum

Credit Savings to Buyer


Receive $1000s of dollars in savings when you buy your home or other real estate through us!

If you are buying a property listed by us or another REALTOR or a New Home where the builder is willing to pay a sales commission (most do), we will credit you 50% of the Buyers Agent Commission. It is that simple.

BUYERS will receive 1/2 of the Buyers Agent Commission as a credit. (commonly around 3%*) Example: If You buy a $200,000 property, your credit will be $3,000. If You buy a $2,000,000 property, your rebate will be $30,000.

Of course, as in everything in life, there are a few rules.

1- You must enter into a buyers representation contract with the Principal Broker. This will protect you, the buyer, by guaranteeing to you in writing our intention to give you the credit.

2- You must be a principle buyer in the transaction

3- You must buy the property using Town Country Apollo Properties as your Buyer Broker. If you do not buy the property through us, no credit would be available.

4- You need to be willing to independently narrow down any listings to a few listings to view at one time. (see: Buyer Due Diligence Checklist) This includes doing any research for school information, neighborhood inspections, and if possible visually inspecting the exterior prior to viewing. If you do not like the property from the outside, then you probably will not like it from the inside either. Broker can provide you with a large amount of data regarding MLS listed properties.

5- If you are looking at new construction (Model Homes), you may be required to register us as your broker from the beginning of the process. Most homebuilders do not give you a discount for not using a broker; so make sure you let the builder know that you are exclusively working with a broker. If builder asks you not to use the broker, request they reduce the sales price accordingly. If builder does not pay a commission to brokers, then 1.5% would be due to Town & Country Apollo Properties from Buyers Closing costs.

RULE OF: Procuring Cause ". . . the uninterrupted series of casual events which results in the successful transaction." This rule may determine who is entitled to the Commission offered and would be the basis of any mediation or arbitration; It is best for the parties involved to know who represents who.


*6.2.13. Gifts and Inducements. A gift given by a principal broker to a buyer or seller, lessor or lessee, in a real estate transaction as an inducement to use the services of a real estate brokerage, or in appreciation for having used the services of a brokerage, is permissible and is not an illegal sharing of commission. If an inducement is to be offered to a buyer or seller, lessor or lessee, who will not be obligated to pay a real estate commission in a transaction, the principal broker must obtain from the party who will pay the commission written consent that the inducement be offered

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Review: Standard Buyer Agreement add addenda for rebate

Review: Buyer Rebate Addendum ($295 retainer fee* 50% BAC Rebate)

Buyer Rebate Offer

\AGENCY should be disclosed up-front.
Utah Licensee Conduct A principal broker and licensees acting on his behalf who represent a buyer shall have a written buyer agency agreement with the buyer defining the scope of the agency.

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